If you're a club or high school sports coach, you've probably heard the word 'sublimation' regarding team jerseys and uniforms.

 But what exactly is sublimation? The sublimation process allows dyes and patterns to be transferred directly onto a garment, and the print becomes part of the garment or clothing itself.

Traditionally, teams would have to purchase uniforms and embroider or screen press logos, names, and numbers for an additional fee. 




Here are 5 reasons to get sublimated jerseys for your team:

1) Durability -- Sublimated dyes are printed onto the product, meaning your uniforms won't crack, peel, or fade.

2) Complete Customization -- Each product is printed from it's own transfer, rather than from a mass set of screens, so you can easily add individual customization (like names and jersey numbers) to each printed item.

3) No texture changes -- Sublimation dyes are absorbed into the product itself, so jerseys won't have any added texture or weight.

4) No need for huge orders -- Due to less set-up, printing small orders will be less expensive than traditional screen printing. Smack Sublimated offers jerseys as low as $29.99.

5) Fast turnaround times -- Smack Sublimated offers low prices of superior quality products, and a ridiculously fast 2-4 week turnaround time.




Should you choose sublimation? 

If you want light-weight prints and performance gear, want full-color or custom printed garments, or have an order for a small team, you should consider sublimation for your next team order.

Call one of our sales reps at 310-379-0175, or send an email to info@smacksublimated.com to figure out if sublimation is right for your team.