2 years in the making ....

"The most highly advanced online uniform designer will be launching soon and it will revolutionize how our business runs," stated Bill Sigler, the President of Magnum Venture Partners (now 100% owners of the Smack Sportswear brand).  

Here is a an interview we had with Mr. Sigler today regarding the state of the art technology they'll be launching soon:

Q: Tell us a little about your new Uniform Builder

Mr Sigler: "Back in 2011 I had a vision of streamlining the way Smack operated.  We were a very manual intensive business - from the quote process, to production, fulfillment, communication with customers/staff, etc.  This manual process slowed down delivery and was cause for misscomunication and errant orders, making our customers very unhappy.  Neccessity is the mother of invention ... hence we started down this path."

Q: What makes your uniform builder better than everyone else's?

Mr. Sigler: "A few things.  First is the level of detail.  We researched online designers from other apparel companies, as well as gained alot of feedback from what our customers wanted.  We spent 2 years developing this system in order for it to be the best.  Second, the ease of use.  We tried to make it as easy as possible to navigate, but also include all the steps neccessary to allow us to process orders without having to contact the customer with numerous questions.  Third is the behind the scenes capabilities this system provides ... we can basically take the order doc and art files resulting from the customer/rep entering all the info, and immediately hand it over to our production team to process without any extra steps ... in years past, from order creation to actual production tooks days and touched numerous staff which in turn cause errors."

Q: You said this would streamline your business ... please explain.

Mr. Sigler: "As mentioned previously, the data that a customer or rep inputs into the Builder is very detailed, and provides us with data post entry that is electronically forwarded to production without any other steps.  This will reduce production and delivery times by up to 25% (ie in some cases we can deliver sublimated items in about 2 weeks). Since the transition from order to production touches noone, there is no opportunity for misinterpretation or human error. The system also syncs with our accounting system for payment and inventory tracking, as well as automatically communicates with our customers as to the status of their order along the process. The automation will allow us to operate much more efficiently with less errors and provide faster delivery and much better service to our customers."

Q: Take us thru the process of placing an order and designing within the Builder.

Mr. Sigler: "Well first you'll go to our website and choose a garment/template you like.  If you are creating a sublimated garment, you will then choose from over 50 colors for the different panels on that jersey.  Next you will choose the sleeve style, collar style, and fabric you desire.  From there you'll choose where to place logos, names, numbers, etc.  By the way, we have over a dozen fonts you can choose for names and numbers.  Once you've designed your garment, you'll upload your roster sheet (we dont require you to enter a different line for every garment/player), and then confirm the order.  Its' really quite simple."

Q: When will this Online Uniform Builder launch?

Mr> Sigler: "We had hoped for 1/1/16, but in order to get everything working properly, it's looking more like 4/15 ... which is ok"

Q: Any final comments?

Mr. Sigler: "Sure, we've made mistakes in the past, but alot of those mistakes couldve been cured by this system.  I'm hoping coaches and club directors will give it a try ... especially those who might left us for the competition, and come back to see how much we've improved.  This system was created for them ... to ensure accurate orders, delivery custom items faster, and make their lives easier.  It's all about servicing our customers, and this sure will help us get closer to that goal." 

 Smack Sublimated Uniform Builder