Sublimation is quickly becoming the hottest trend in the sports apparel industry. Many schools are frustrated with the peeling and wearing of expensive screen-printed uniforms. Now, a growing number of athletic programs are turning to sublimation to get the most for their money.


Sublimation is a dying process that inks logos, numbers and other images directly into fabric, rather than screen-printing or embroidering details onto a uniform or jersey. Sublimation represents a better alternative to screen-printing, as it increases durability and longevity for team jerseys.

Many schools and athletic directors don't have extra money to replace worn-looking sports jerseys, and instead purchase jerseys in four-year cycles. However, many screen-printed fabrics are in rough shape by the end of four years. In already limited sports budgets, smarter spending strategies are critical to avoid cutting sports or jobs.


That's where sublimation comes in. Smack Sublimated offers superior quality, high-performance products without a huge price tag. For as low as $29.99, teams can have awesome looking uniforms that will look great for years to come.

Another big benefit to buying sublimated jerseys is time. It can be difficult for high school coaches to get jerseys embroidered in the short time after tryouts and before season begins. Smack Sublimated offers an incredibly fast 2-4 week turnaround--which is not comparable to bigger retailers.


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