Ambassador Program

Q:  What are the main goals of the Ambassador Program?

A:  The goals of our Brand Ambassador Program are threefold:

  1. Develop a special relationship with fans of our brand and the lifestyle Smack Sublimation embodies.  Among other things, this would entail testing new products and providing valuable feedback.
  2. Convey the Smack lifestyle message to others around the world via grass roots promotions, activism and networking, in hopes they too will become consumers of our brand.
  3. Seek potential business growth opportunities for Smack (introduce Smack to coaches/club directors, introduce Smack to event promoters as potential sponsor, etc). 


Q.  Who can become an Ambassador?

A:  Ambassadors should be leaders in their community … athletes, coaches, directors, event producers, former pro athletes, etc.  They are the first to view and test our new products, have connections and/or influence in their region, and have a strong association with the athletic lifestyle that Smack represents.


Q:  What perks do Ambassador’s receive?

A:  Ambassadors receive $250 in free gear every 6 months, VIP invitations to the top pro events, have access to new product launches/happenings before the general public … oh, and 3% finder’s fee on team uniform leads you provide that consequently order from us.


Q:  What do we expect from Ambassadors?


- Wear our gear!!  The more you wear, the more others will want it!!

- Promote our brand, press releases, blog and use our tags in social media posts.

- Introduce us to your friends who are coaches/club directors so we can help them with team uniform needs. 

- Inform us of events in your area that we can support, and assist us in finding up and coming athletes in your region

- Help promote Smack at local sporting events

- Tell your friends about the Ambassador Program – assuming they hope to grow the game and are leaders who’d like to represent the top core brand in the sport.


Q:  What to do now?

A:  Simple – fill out the form below and hit submit.  Someone will get back to you within 24 hours to discuss your application.

Fill out my online form.

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